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After conducting market research on topics and themes for our books, we decided to base our idea on the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals and our three books address almost all these SDGs.

Our initial selling experiences at various trade fairs: Spitalfields Old Market in London, Eden Walk in Kingston and Centrale Shopping Centre in Croydon gave us valuable feedback that our customers appreciate that our books have introduced several of these goals to both adults and children in a simple and fun way.

As young individuals, we are aware of the importance of the UN SDGs alongside the significance of raising awareness about them and we are extremely passionate about spreading the message in an interactive way to spark conversations on such issues and implement change through education.

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The aim of  World's Largest Lesson is to introduce children to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, negotiated by the UN, encouraging them to take action and bring about social change. Our books align with their principles of raising awareness about the SDGs.

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We have ensured that we are as sustainable as possible in the production of our books and chose a printing company that was local, thus minimising the air miles our product has travelled and reducing our carbon footprint whilst also supporting our local economy. Our books are made of recycled paper and we also prioritised the durability of our books. We’ve added a short message on the back of every book to encourage reuse and have also chosen not to have any packaging, reducing the amount of waste produced.

Across our social media platforms, we constantly share information through which we aim to raise awareness and encourage conversation and action about current global issues . These topics range from water scarcity to the gender imbalance in the workplace. These topics stem from the 169 targets that the UN has set in order to tackle the 17 goals. We believe that society as whole should be invested in a sustainable future and as a team we aim to implement change through education and conversation by providing information about not only the environmental side of sustainability but also the philanthropic.

We aim to develop and enhance our contribution to social sustainability through our product, educating future generations and encouraging them to make a difference initially, through conversation and eventually, through action.

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